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Our secondary pupils follow a “typical” secondary timetable in that they transition around the building in order to have all lessons delivered by subject specialists.

We have specialist rooms such as the ICT room, science laboratory and food technology kitchen.

Below is a list of all the key teachers within our secondary school:

Fred Ovola
Dragon Tree Class Teacher and Maths Lead
Vinny Kennedy
Elm Class Teacher and History Teacher
Andy Magee
Maple Class Teacher and ICT Teacher
Irina Tobias
Cypress Class Teacher and Maths Teacher
Manaz Pimple
Sandalwood Class Teacher and Citizenship Teacher
Karen Oliver
Redwood Class Teacher and Science Teacher
Holger Marsen
Redwood Class Teacher and Science Teacher
Sarah Hutchinson
Aspen Class Teacher and PE Teacher
Patrick Fisher
Unqualified PE Teacher
Jennifer Greville-Giddings
Sycamore Teacher and Music Teacher
Shantella Miller
Art Teacher