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Guelder-Rose class

Thank you for visiting Guelder-Rose' class page.

On this page you will find information about what we are learning about and also see photographs from all the exciting activities that we do.  

Class team 

Teacher: Holger Marsen 
TLAs: Marinela Berea, Maria Grogan and Bex Adby 



Guelder-Rose had an amazing start to the year, adjusting well to the new challenges preparing for their GCSEs. 

In November Guelder-Rose pupils visited the new Rise Sixth Form for a day as part of their iMedia studies. Not only were they impressed by the setting provided but also by the facilities available to them there. Within a day most of them had completed their iMedia graphic design project using the Adobe Photoshop software available on the dedicated design computers at college.

But it wasn't all work, work, work.....

They also enjoyed a fun trip out with Pear class competing against each other in bowling and enjoying a slice or two of pizza for lunch.


Key information



Spring term trip dates 

Tuesday 24 March 2020 - Go Karting with Pear Class

Tuesday 31 March 2020 - James Bond Exhibition at the London Film Museum