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Our Curriculum

The Rise curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that when pupils leave us they are equipped with both the qualification and key skills needed in order to independently take their next steps, whether that is further education or meaningful employment.  

KS1 – 4 Provision

Pupils are taught in groups of up to eight and access the curriculum at approximately age appropriate levels.  Pupils at The Rise will achieve a suite of qualifications at 16 years old.

The curriculum is divided into nine zones, each of which contributes to the development of the key skills (academic and personal) in order to be successful.

Our social curriculum is a fourth “core” subject and is essential for the holistic development and wellbeing for our young people. 

The table shows how the number of lessons per week for each subject, in each curriculum zone.

The school is co-located with Springwest Academy, a mainstream secondary school to offer, where appropriate, our secondary phase pupils integration opportunities.  We also have partnerships with SATRO and West Thames College each of which provides valuable opportunities for the pupils to apply their learning in different environments.   

We also provide regular learning outside the classroom opportunities such as trips within the local community, trips further afield into London, sailing at Queen Mary’s Resevoir and camping.

KS5 Provision

Our first cohort of Year 12 have just begun their KS5 pathway.  This is a small cohort of three pupils and as such all pupils are dual-registered with The Rise and West Thames College.  Pupils attend a combination of lessons at West Thames and The Rise with levels of support. 

Careers Guidance and Work Experience

At The Rise we are preparing pupils for life beyond school.  Employability skills are covered within our social curriculum.  Pupils access individual support regarding employment and careers next steps.  We partner with the organisation Spark London  in order to provide pupils with CV writing workshops, interview skills workshops and to place pupils for a week’s work experience during Year 11. 

For more information, contact Karen Oliver – Assistant Head Teacher – Curriculum at

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