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Exclusion Arrangements

The following has been taken from our Behaviour Support Policy which can be viewed on the Policy Page.

The Rise will use exclusion (fixed term or permanent) only as a last resort.

In discharging their duties the Head Teacher will have regard to the Secretary of State’s guidance on exclusions (DFE guidance 2012
Exclusion from maintained schools, Academies and pupil referral units in England) as if The Rise were a maintained school, except that:
references to the maintaining LA in paragraph 26(c) of the guidance should be construed as a reference to the LA in which an excluded child is resident;
The Rise, and not the LA, is responsible for making arrangements for independent appeal panels to hear appeals against permanent exclusions (see paragraph 35 and part 5 of the guidance, and below);

Exclusions may be for a fixed period or permanent.
The Decision to Exclude:
a. Only the Head Teacher (or the person in charge on the day, if the Head Teacher is absent from The Rise) can exclude a pupil,
b. Pupils and students should only be excluded:
In cases of a serious breach of The Rise’s Behaviour Support Policy and if the continued presence of the excludee in The Rise would seriously damage the education or the welfare of other pupils or staff.

Before deciding to exclude a pupil the Headteacher will:
ensure that an appropriate investigation has been conducted;
ensure that all the relevant evidence has been considered;
give the pupil an opportunity to be heard; and
consult other relevant people if necessary.

Having considered these matters the Head Teacher will make a decision based normally on the balance of probability, having regard to any current guidance from the DCSF.
Inappropriate Exclusion

The Rise School considers that any exclusion will normally be inappropriate in cases of:
minor breaches of discipline;
poor academic performance;
truancy or lateness;
non-compliance with uniform regulations, except where this amounts to a defiance of The Rise School’s authority; and in response to the unacceptable behaviour/attitude/conduct of a pupil’s parents.

Fixed Term Exclusion
The Head Teacher is permitted to exclude a pupil for one or more fixed term periods not exceeding 45 school days in any one school year.
The Rise will continue to provide education for an excluded pupil (whilst he/she remains on roll) and, particularly in the case of an exclusion of more than 15 days, the Head Teacher in consultation with the relevant members of staff will consider the following:
making alternative provision from day six for fixed-period excluded student;
where appropriate, to arrange reintegration interviews with parents at the end of a fixed-period exclusion of six days or more; and
how the pupil’s education can otherwise continue.

Permanent Exclusion
A decision to exclude a pupil permanently, as befitting its gravity, will only be taken as a last resort when a wide range of strategies for dealing with disciplinary offences has been employed to no avail, or if an exceptional ‘one-off’ offence has been committed:
serious violence, actual or threatened, against a pupil or student or member of staff;
sexual abuse or assault;
supplying an illegal drug; and
carrying an offensive weapon.
Or any other one off offence considered by the Head Teacher to be an exceptionally serious one.

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